Details of coverage

Third Party Liability Other insurances Engineering Insurance

  1. Third Party Liability Insurance
    1. • Cover third party liability per law and expense for legal proceeding arising from carelessness of the entrepreneur which results in loss of life and third party property damage.
    2. • Can purchase one of these options or both, as follows;
      1. Coverage of legal liability arising from the business and happening within or caused by the insured premise which results in injury, disable, death or property damage of the customer or third party using service in the insured premises.
      2. Coverage of Legal Liability arising from the insured or Insured's employees who are on duty engaging in the insured business outside the insured premises.

      Suitable for
      Entrepreneurs of various businesses such as shop, resort, restaurant, club, school or in office building etc.

  2. Public Liability Insurance Policy for Operation of the Control business Type 3 (Gas Station)
    Covers the loss of life or bodily injury or total permanent disability or sickness and property damage to Third Party as the result of fire or explosion from the operations of petrol service or the petrol storage in the business premises only in the area per the layout which had been permitted to operate the control business type 3.

    Suitable for
    Petrol service owners, insure only premises approved to operate such service

  3. Building Inspector Liability Insurance Policy
    Covers the loss of life and/or property damage to Third Party by accident while the Insured inspects the building or arises from the defect of the Insured in carry out the operations not in compliance with the legal standard of inspection as the building inspector.

    Suitable for
    Building inspector who has the certificate of and has been certified as the building inspector by Office of Building Control Committee, Department of Public Works and Town & Country Planning

Other insurances

  1. Money Insurance Policy
    1. • Covers bank notes, coins, checks usable postage stamps and securities that are clearly specified their types per the policy and safe/strong room from robbery or gang-robbery.
    2. • Can purchase either on of the following coverage or all;
      1. Loss of hiring fee or salary while being kept in the insure premises until such money is paid out, also covers the money kept in safe or strong room.
      2. Loss of the money kept in insured premises during working hours
      3. Loss of the money kept in safe or strong room during non-working hours
      4. Loss of the money outside the insured premises while it is being transported by transportation service staff
    3. • Can purchase either one of the following coverage;
      1. Por Ngor Type 1 Covers loss or damage from robbery or gang-robbery with forcible entry traces
      2. Por Ngor Type 2 Covers any losses that has not been specified as the exclusion in the policy
      3. Por Ngor Type 3 Covers loss or damage that has not been specified as the exclusion in the policy, including embezzlement from cashier or transportation service staff found with 3 business days

      Suitable for
      Entrepreneurs who require coverage for loss of money within the building, in safe or during transportation

  2. Gold Shop Insurance Policy
    1. • Covers the gold, including the cabinets to display the merchandise, safe, furniture and building in case of robbery, gang-robbery and grabbing.
    2. • The coverage also includes the loss of life, total permanent disability and loss of hand, foot and sight, and medical expense from such acts for family member and staff in the shop.

    Suitable for
    Gold shop owners

  3. Advertising Board Insurance Policy
    Covers loss or damage to the advertising board from fire, lightning, explosion, windstorm including theft and third party liability in respect of bodily injury and property damage from such advertising board.

    Suitable for
    Owner of advertising board installed on the street or high building

  4. Workers' Compensation Insurance Policy
    Coverage of the liability of employers according to law when employees are injured or dead from accident resulted from work.

    Suitable for

  5. Employer's Liability Insurance
    Coverage of the liability of employers toward employees in case the employees have accidents resulted from negligence of the employers and requires lawsuits for addition compensation apart from what receive from workmen's compensation.

    Suitable for

  6. Fidelity Guarantee Insurance Policy
    Covers the financial loss of the Insured from the dishonest act or the embezzlement of the employees per the specified list.

    Suitable for

  7. Business Interruption Insurance
    Covers loss in trading (income of the insured) arising from business interruption caused by damage of insured properties which have an impact to the insured business and causes damage till the business is interrupted.

    Suitable for
    Entrepreneurs who require income compensation during factory repair or recovery from disaster, etc.

Engineering Insurance

  1. Contractor's All Risks Insurance Policy
    1. the contract value, construction machineries, construction materials damaged by natural perils, falling of objects or materials, loss or damage from human error, consequent loss or damage from inaccurate or unsuitable construction materials and any accidents from other factors
    2. Loss or damage from malicious acts, robber or burglary
    3. Third party liability in case of loss of life or bodily injury and property damage from accidentุ
    4. Suitable for
      • Project owner, employer or machinery purchaser or
      • Contractor of the project, manufacturer, machinery supplier or the company that has been assigned to erect machineries for the construction, renovation or decoration such as residence, office building, factory, hotel

  2. Contractors Plant and Machinery Insurance Policy
    Covers the contractors plant and machinery used in the construction, excavating machineries on loss or damaged by natural perils and accidents such as fire, windstorm, falling, overturning

    Suitable for
    Entrepreneurs who use machineries and construction tools of portable or permanent type as important part of the operation such as tower crane, crawler crane, dozer, excavator, forklift

  3. Machinery Breakdown Insurance Policy
    Covers the machineries used in production, machineries for public utilities and machineries or equipments erected in the buildings damaged by the use of defective materials, faulty design, lack of skills in erection, manufacturing defect, electrical short circuit and explosion.

    Suitable for
    Anybody that requires coverage on damage from accident for machineries

  4. Electronic Equipment Insurance Policy
    1. • Covers the electronic equipments (Hardware) such as computer, data recording equipments, medical equipments from negligence and lack of skills.
    2. • Con purchase either one of following coverage or all;
      Option 1: Damage of the insured property refers to damage of electronic devices results from accidents such as fire, lightning, negligence
      Option 2: Data recording equipments (outside the equipment) refer to tape, disk, magnetic disk, also covers the reparation expenses
      Option 3: Covers additional expenses for keeping operation continue

    Suitable for
    Entrepreneurs who use data processing devices, telecommunication devices, research or examination devices, measuring or testing devices

  5. Boiler & Pressure Vessel Insurance Policy
    Covers the boiler and pressure vessel that exploded or collapsed (which did not occur by fire) including the coverage for liability to third party for bodily injury and property damage from such damages.

    Suitable for
    Industrial factory or big-sized entrepreneur that use boiler or pressure vessel as part of its production or business