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Process, length of time and procedure in claiming compensation or benefit of property and miscellaneous policy

Process of claiming


The insured shall notify to the Company immediately when you have acknowledged or seen the damage


Cooperate in providing information related to the case every time such as providing information to the Company's staff or persons assigned by the Company, and cooperate with the Company or persons assigned by the Company who conduct survey, investigation and assessment on the loss or damage


Follow the suggestion or request of the Company's staff or persons assigned by the Company


Set protection or relief measure for the damage and keep damaged property for the Company investigation


If the loss or damage occurred under doubtful act of others such as burglary, immediately report to the police

Muang Thai Insurance

The Company considers and proceeds claim payment

Muang Thai Insurance

The Company will indemnify the eligible persons in case the loss or damage occurred is covered un the policy

Muang Thai Insurance

Cooperate with the Company or persons assigned by the Company when the claim needs to be recovered from the other party

Loss adjustment

  • In case the policy does not cover loss or damage, the Company has informed the customer/ related party about the coverage already and they agree that loss adjustment is not required.
  • In case the customer/ related party and the Company agree that loss adjustment is not required, the customer/ related party shall submit documents to the Company for claiming.

Length of time for claim payment: if the Company received correct and complete documents,

the Company will indemnify within 15-30 working days or as agreed. After the customer or eligible person signs the claims documents and furnish the Company relevant claim documents.

Remark : such length of time is under following conditions

  • Customer or related party paid all the premium of such insurance policy to the Company already
  • No agreement stated in the policy concerning Claim Control Clause or Claim Co-operation Clause
  • No co-insurance exists

Claim documents

  1. Copy of ID card and house registration of the insured, beneficiary and related persons or eligible person who has the right to receive compensation (as requested by the Company)
  2. Certificate of juristic person and related documents (If the insured is juristic person, documents must be issued not over 6 months)
  3. Claim letter
  4. Receipt / quotation of buy-sell/ repair property
  5. Police daily report
  6. Copy of title deed
  7. Copy of related contracts
  8. Picture of damaged property
  9. Other related documents

Remark :

  • Aforesaid documents are only preliminary documented required in the first stage. More documents will be required in claiming process depending on damage characteristic, type of insured property or damage and policy used in claiming, etc. Some documents will be more specific such as marine and hull insurance requires invoice, B/L, packing list, etc.

How to receive compensation

  • Channels for claim document submission Walk-in Post mail or Assigned person As agreed Address Property & Miscellaneous Claim Department, Muang Thai Insurance Public Company Limited. 252 Rachadapisek Road, Huaykwang, Bangkok 10310
  • Claim channels
    • Walk-in
    • Post mail
    • As agreed

  • How to contact the Company and related department (in case of dispute or complaint)
    If you want to send your suggestion or complaint, please contact :
    Complaint Management Section Muang Thai Insurance Public Company Limited 252 Rachadaphisek, Huay Kwang, Bangkok 10310


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