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Process, length of time and procedure in claiming compensation or benefit of property and miscellaneous policy

Claim Process


Notify the Company immediately upon becoming aware of or discovering damage by calling the call center at 1484.


Take picture of the damage and take appropriate damage preventive or mitigating actions in order to prevent the further damage incidents, sort and separate the properties, and keep the damaged properties for inspection conducted by the Company.


Follow the instructions given by an officer of the Company or damage inspection company assigned by the Company.


Prepare documents and information related to the incident, such as evidence about hiring a contractor to repair the damage or quotation related to repairing the damage.


If the damage is caused by other person or it is suspecting that the damage is being committed by other person such as theft, the insured must report to the police to proceed a legal action immediately.

Muang Thai Insurance

Consider and pay compensation according to the actual damage which is covered by the insurance policy.

Compensation Period

The Company shall compensate the insured within 15 business days or as agreed with the insured. The compensation will be made after the Company has received the claim acceptance letter signed by the insured or the insured's authorized person with relevant supporting documents as requested by the Company.

Note : To receive the compensation, the insured shall fully pay the premium to the Company.

Claim Documents

  1. Claim form/claim summary report
  2. Claim form/claim summary report
  3. Quotation or receipt of repair cost, cost of new property, or costs related to the damage.
  4. Pictures of the damage (Pictures showing overall view of the place, picture of the front of the house with the house number, the root cause and all damaged property)
  5. Police daily report (if any according to the nature of the incident)
  6. Letter of claim for damages with the third party and supporting documents (if any) (in the case of damage caused by the third party)
  7. Copies of the relevant contracts
  8. Copy of ID, Copy of house registration of the insured, Copy of the land title deed
  9. Certificate of juristic person and relevant documents (company affidavit issued no later than 6 months)
  10. Other relevant documents

Note : The aforementioned documents are only the preliminary documents required for claim documentation. Additional documents might be requested depending on the nature of the damage, type of property insured or damaged, or the insurance policy. Specific documents might be required such as those related to marine and hull insurance.

How to deliver the claim documents

  • Deliver by email to our officer whom you have contacted with or to our surveyor assigned by the Company.
  • Deliver the documents in person at the Company.
  • Deliver the documents in person at the CompanyDeliver by post mail to
    Property and Miscellaneous Claims Department
    Muang Thai Insurance Public Company Limited
    252 Ratchadaphisek Road, Huai Khwang, Bangkok 10310