Insuring conditions


  1. Any diseases or tumors that relate to Aids including HIV or cancer resulted from Aids including HIV.
  2. The evidence from a pathophysiologist shows that the insured has had a cancer before insuring with the Company.
  3. The insured has a cancer within 90 days after insuring with the Company in the first year.

Insuring Conditions

  1. The insured must be 15 – 59 years old.
  2. The Company warrants to renew the policy until the insured reaches age 65 years old. Premium will increase based on age range.
  3. The insured can select the coverage as desired starting from 200,000 – 700,000 Baht. (The insured can purchase cancer insurance from the Company under the sum insured of 1 million Baht/person)
  4. The Company reserves the right to consider application forms that contain complete and accurate information.

Following occupations are not accepted.

  1. Battery factory workers
  2. Dry battery factory workers
  3. Nuclear power plant workers
  4. Petroleum plant workers
  5. Persons who work in a factory that uses radioactivity for production such as medical equipment factory.
  6. Nickel mine workers
  7. Persons who expose to coal dust, oil and asbestos.

Remarks :

  1. Terms, conditions and exclusions are in line with what stated in the policy.
  2. Please thoroughly read all the details of coverage, terms and conditions before purchasing the insurance.