Details of coverage

coverage code 110
Number of seat (diver and passenger) 5 seats
Loss of life/bodily injury (Baht/person)
  1. • Cover passengers in the insured car (Baht/time)
  2. • Liability to property of the third party (Baht/time)
  1. 10,000,000
  2. 1,000,000
Liability to the insured car in case of collision with land vehicle* (Baht/time) 200,000
Coverage per endorsement (for driver and passenger in a car)
  1. • PA insurance (Ror.Yor.01) (Baht/person)
  2. • Medical expense (Ror.Yor.01) (Baht/person)
  3. • Bail bond for the driver (Ror.Yor.03) (Baht/time)

  1. 100,000
  2. 100,000
  3. 200,000
Cover the insured car in case of flood (Baht/time) 100,000
Cover in case of loss 200,000
Cover in case of fire 200,000
Travel expense during repairing car damaged from collision with land vehicle.
In case the diver is right (baht/time, maximum 3 times per year)
Premium of Muang Thai Good Drive 8 8,888

** Premium is based on the premium calculation on our website.

Remark :*premium includes VAT and revenue stamp