Details of coverage


  1. Right of lease over the place or area in the building which is being rented by the insured. The Company will accept contract with 5 year term and more
  2. In case the term of contact is below 5 years, the Company will consider case by case.

Standard coverage

  1. Fire including damage resulted from fire such as damage from smoke, fire extinguishing water
  2. Lightning
  3. Explosion of gas which is used for living or other risks under the insurance policy for rental place. Such damage causes structure that bears the building weight until it cannot be used and the damage is more than 50% and/or the building cannot be used anymore. According to the Law or municipal law concerning renting together with aforesaid incident, the rental contract shall be cancelled by lessor or terminated before the end of contract which is the cause depriving the right over such place or building.

Additional coverage available for purchasing

Windstorm, vehicle impact, combustion, smoke, aircraft impact, flood, water damage, wildfire, earthquake, electrical appliance, explosion, riot and strike, brutal act and malice. The Company will consider the proposal case by case.


Based on the premium tariff as specified by Office of Insurance Commission, Ministry of Commerce

Sum insured

In case the insured has loan from the bank

  1. Sum insured in the first year will be equivalent to amount required by the bank, but not exceed 80% of appraisal price from the bank
  2. Sum insured in the next year will be reduced every year by calculating from

First year sum insured   X   remaining term of contract
Whole term of contract

Example the Bank approved loan to the customer for 80% of appraisal price which is equivalent to THB 5,000,000. Remaining term of contract is 5 years.
So sum insured for 5 year contract will be as follows;
First year sum insured = 5,000,000
Second year sum insured 5,000,000 X (4/5) = 4,000,000
Third year sum insured 5,000,000 X (3/5) = 3,000,000
Forth year sum insured 5,000,000 X (2/5) = 2,000,000
Fifth year sum insured (last year)5,000,000 X (1/5) = 1,000,000

In case the insured does not have any loan from the bank

Sum insured is determined from the amount of money that the insured pay to lessor as stated in the contract or service fee for the remaining rental period. Sum insured will reduce every year by calculating from

Rental deposit   X   remaining term of contract
Whole term of contract

Vital exclusions

  1. Does not cover any special risk, except the insured purchases additional coverage
  2. War, terrorism, nuclear weapon, radioactivity or radioactive radiation, properties bunt by the authority
  3. Loss or damage arises from action or omission of action ought to be done by the insured which is cause of termination of contract
  4. Loss or damage arises from the insured who cancels the contract
  5. Loss or damage arises from the breach of law concerning control of construction, repairing, adding, demolishment by the insured which is cause of termination of contract

Preliminary information required

  1. The insured, lessee
  2. Location and type of business
  3. Building characteristic, number of storey, external wall, upstairs floor, roof structure, number of building, area in the building, space between the building
  4. Appraisal document from the bank (in case the insured has loan)
  5. Rental contract
  6. Contract specifies rental deposit amount or subvention for construction