Insuring conditions


Car group 2, 3, 4, 5 (and other models accepted by the Company) code 110. Age is less than 10 years

Not accept

Cars used for hiring or renting, imported cars, sport cars, modified cars


  1. This premium rate is for sedan and pick-up that are for private use, not for hiring or renting. Code 110 and 320 only.
  2. For the named driver policy (only sedan under the code 110), at least one driving license number of the driver must be specified. The lowest age of driver will be used to calculated premium. (maximum 2 drivers) Age is calculated from year of insurance minus year of birth.


  1. Terms, conditions and exclusions are in line with what stated in the policy.
  2. Please thoroughly read all the details of coverage, terms and conditions before purchasing the insurance.

For the named driver policy: in case of accident, if the driver who drives the insured car is not the named driver and that accident is the driver liability or third party liability but neither party is liable for the accident. The insured must be responsible for the accident by paying first 2,000 Baht for the other party's property damage and first 6,000 Baht for the insured car damage.