Details of coverage

Main Perils

  1. Fire
  2. Lightning (including damage to electrical appliances and short circuit in electrical devices caused by lightning)
  3. Explosion
  4. A house is clipped or collided by third party's vehicles
  5. Aircraft
  6. Water damage such as leakage of water pipes, rain splashes into a house (excluding flood and flood that caused by breakage or leakage of underground tap water pipes or fire extinguishing system)

** Covers per the sum insured

Natural Disasters

  1. Windstorm
  2. Flood
  3. Earthquake or volcanic eruption or undercurrent or Tsunami caused by nature
  4. Hail

** Covers all risks with the sum insured that does not exceed 20,000 Baht/year in total.

Discount for fire extinguisher
If there are some fire extinguishers installed in the insured premises,
the insured will get discount as follows;

Type Discount
Fire extinguishers are installed in the building
  1. • Chemical fire extinguisher
  2. • Fire extinguishing pipe
  3. • Small fire hose reel or nozzle attached to Small fire hose
  4. • Automatic fire alarm

  1. 2.5 %
  2. 5.0 %
  3. 5.0 %
  4. 2.5 %
Fire extinguishers are installed outside the building
  1. • Portable fire extinguishers that require man power to propel
  2. • Engine fire extinguishers which are moveable of unmovable
  3. • Fire extinguishing pipe that receives water from Metropolitan Waterworks Authority
  4. • Fire extinguishing pipe that has manual fire pump
  5. • Fire extinguishing pipe that has automatic fire pump

  1. 2.5 %
  2. 7.5 %
  3. 5.0 %
  4. 7.5 %
  5. 10.0 %
Automatic sprinkle
Maximum area for each floor which is suitable for automatic sprinkle system installment
Level of risk area per one main pipe
Low4,831 Sqm
Medium4,831 Sqm
High2,323 Sqm

from 25% but not exceed 30%
from 30% but not exceed 40%
from 40% but not exceed 50%
Other types of fire extinguishers
The insured will get 10% maximum for other types of fire extinguishers that has been installed and certified by other institutes or organizations apart from what have been mentioned inside or outside the building.