CSR news

7 October 2021

“Madam Pang” Mrs. Nualphan Lamsam, CEO of Muang Thai Insurance and Chairman of Madam Pang Foundation, sent Kla Mai - MTI new volunteers to help people affected by the flood.

According to the flood in many provinces, Madam Pang Foundation continued the project ‘‘New volunteers fight the flood” #PayingItForwardThaisStayTogether. The volunteers packed and sent the survival bags to 900 households in flooding areas such as Ayutthaya (Bang Ban, Bang Sai and Phak Hai District) and Lopburi (Ban Mi District).

Mrs. Nualphan Lamsam said “Flooding is one of the disasters causing trouble and has many negative impacts on people's lives. On 30 September, we started the new project called “Kla Mai volunteers: Madam Pang Foundation” to be an important part in working proactively to help people. For the recent flooding, we had provided survival bags for the flood victims. This was to give encouragement to all Thais who were suffered by the flood. I believe that we can go through this hard time together.”

Madam Pang Foundation's survival bag contains many necessities such as rice, instant food, water, and clothing. All survival bags delivered to the flood victims help spread kindness and convey a message that Thai people never leave each other

Moreover, Kla Mai volunteers had a plan for this week to continue helping the flood victims in the nearby areas, along with assessing the flood situation to provide other kinds of help. The foundation’s objective is to help, cure and alleviate the people affected by the disasters. For those who have a volunteer heart and wish to be a part of #PayingItForwardThaisStayTogether, you can apply for the Kla Mai volunteers at http://bitly.ws/dsfM