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  • Happy Mile Travel insurance covers you even the furthest place Easy and fast to buy Can be used for Schengen VISA application
    Smile ....and feel confident, since the policy of insurance issued by us is certified by Schengen embassies which is specially for VISA application.
    Smile...and pay lesser cheap premium insurance policy is convenient for VISA application. Premium starts from THB 340.
    Enjoy your trip and share your happy smile. We cover up to 1 Million Baht in case of accident during your trip.
    Make you feel comfortable during your trip on every route in Thailand

    Suitable for : Foreigners who travel to Thailand (Inbound Only)
    Area of Coverage : every area in Thailand
  • Smile...everywhere and every time, allows you to live confidently. You will feel more confident with your life under P.A. Your HAPPY insurance that covers you in case of accident
    Smile...with your family, feel comfortable 24 hours worldwide Love and protect your family with “P.A. HAPPY FAMILY” insurance
    Smile....with every step of your kids You may not be there for your kids 24 hours Trust us to protect your kids...from any accident under "P.A. HAPPY
    Coverage extends to cover skin cancer.
    Cover rental deposit of the building damaged from fire,lighthing. Can purchase additional coverage for earthquake,etc.
  • Smile..... and feel comfortable every where, every time, Maximum deductible of THB 15,000 to 1 victim who will receive such amount of money within 7 day without any investigation...
    Full coverage for Motor Insurance Type 1 Covers damage to an insured car such as collision, being stolen, fire, flood, natural perils or total loss. Damage caused by terrorism is included.
    Smile with 8 different coverage such as collision with cars, flood, fire in 8,888 Baht only*
    Smile....with worthwhile coverage for thief, fire and insured car and litigant party's car in case of collision. Can select sum insured up to THB 500,000.
    Motor Insurance Type 2+: Premium starts from 7,400 Baht Cover in case of collision, loss, fire Cover a driver and third party
    Motor Insurance Type 3+: Premium starts from 6,700 Baht Cover in case of collision Cover a driver and third party
    Motor Insurance Type 3: Premium starts from 1,900 Baht Cover the third party Insure any model, brand and age of car
    ราคาเริ่มต้นที่ 7,100 บาท ยิ้มได้...ราคาคุ้มเว่อร์ ซ่อมทั้งเราและคู่กรณี คุ้มเว่อร์ให้เพิ่ม น้ำท่วม ฉุกเฉิน ค่าเดินทาง