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  • Make you feel comfortable during your trip on every route in Thailand

    Suitable for : Foreigners who travel to Thailand (Inbound Only)
    Area of Coverage : every area in Thailand
    Smile ....and feel confident, since the policy of insurance issued by us is certified by Schengen embassies which is specially for VISA application.
    Smile...and pay lesser cheap premium insurance policy is convenient for VISA application. Premium starts from THB 340.
    Enjoy your trip and share your happy smile. We cover up to 1 Million Baht in case of accident during your trip.
  • Smile..... and feel comfortable every where, every time, Maximum deductible of THB 15,000 to 1 victim who will receive such amount of money within 7 day without any investigation...
    ยิ้มได้ ....คุ้มครอง รถชนรถ รถหาย ไฟไหม้ น้ำท่วม ชดเชยค่าเดินทาง พร้อมบริการช่วยเหลือฉุกเฉินบนท้องถนนฟรี 24 ชม. ราคาเดียว 8,888 บาท
    Smile.....and feel comfortable with MAXIMUM coverage. Motor Insurance "Maung Thai 2+ Max” which covers in case of collision,thief, flood and total loss.
    Smile....with worthwhile coverage for thief, fire and insured car and litigant party's car in case of collision. Can select sum insured up to THB 500,000.
    Motor Insurance Type 2+: Premium starts from 7,400 Baht Cover in case of collision, loss, fire Cover a driver and third party
    Easily smile and drive safely....on every road. Covers not only insured car but also litigant's car. Premium starts from THB 7,200.
    Motor Insurance Type 3+: Premium starts from 6,700 Baht Cover in case of collision Cover a driver and third party
    Smile..with the reparation coverage to the insured car in case of collision with land vehicle only. Also, covers in case of loss of life, property of litigant party and third party.
    Smile....and feel comfortable with MAXIMUM coverage. Motor Insurance "Maung Thai 5+ Max” which covers collision, flood and total loss.
    Smile...with the Motor insurance type 3 for sedan, pick-up truck and van. Both private and commercial car (not for hiring or rental purpose). No limit on brand, model and age of car (Premium starts from THB 2,300).
    Motor Insurance Type 3: Premium starts from 1,900 Baht Cover the third party Insure any model, brand and age of car