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20 June 2008 marked the first step...

as the Leading Non-Life Insurance Company of Thailand under the name of “Muang Thai Insurance Public Company Limited”. This milestone arose from “the amalgamation between Phatra Insurance Public Company Limited and Muang Thai Insurance Company Limited” as the important ally in the Non-life insurance history to increase the strength, the potential in business competition and the service, by precisely combine the expertise of both companies to promote the outstanding points of each other, including the demonstration of the readiness to response to the liberalization policy of the insurance industry in the near future.

With the objective and intention to be one of the top five leading Non-Life Insurance Companies
of the country within 5 years along with double premium growth or THB 7 Billion,

be a stable company and listed in SET with the registered capital of THB 590 Million,
be professionalism in insurance and the Non-Life Insurance Company of the Thai people with professional ethics, transparency and goodcorporate governance.

Mrs. Kritaya Lamsam and Mrs. Nualphan Lamsam are currently the Co-Presidents.

Muang Thai Insurance Public Company Limited thoroughly reinforces the confidence of the public with good development, has the identity as the Non-Life Insurance Company of the Thai people with transparency, good corporate governance and constant attention to the society which all of the executives and staff are aware of the importance and continually maintain together. From the efficient operation and honesty in service have created the trustworthiness from the clients and caused the reputation of the Company to be well known and acceptable by the general public.

From the vision and mission of the Company toward the professional management process caused Muang Thai Insurance Public Company Limited to try to be the Non-Life Insurance Company which is ready in the operation’s capability development, both on the quality of the staff and on the modern development in the information technology system, ready to present the cover which can response to every need of the customers, with emphasis on the important of customer service covering every region and every service channel together with the 24 hours claim notification service.

The Company is ready to walk abreast the customers in every situation to make you feel comfortable andsmile when you insure with Muang Thai Insurance as per our slogan...

“Muang Thai Insurance… Smile Over Trouble.”